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Zepf Solutions

Zepf Solutions provides customers with a reliable, durable and versatile container handling solution. Our systems are adaptive to all rotary equipment and are currently being used throughout the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and household chemical industries.

Our Change Parts

Zepf Solutions' revolutionary MARK II change parts system, feedscrews, and servo technology satisfy the quick, no-tool changeover demands of the packaging industry.  Our change parts can be designed for any bottle, including those that are difficult to handle or awkwardly-shaped.


A self-taught machinist and tireless entrepreneur, Lawrence Zepf launched Bottler's Engineering and Design Ltd. in a make-shift machine shop attached to the Zepf family home in Waterloo, Ontario, in 1972.  Commitment, calculated risks, and a mastery of innovative production and processes inspired the transformation of this small, family-owned machine shop into a technological competitor in the international packaging industry.

In April 1977, Bottler's Engineering and Design moved out of the Zepf home and into a nearby industrial mall. By September of the same year, it had doubled its physical size and added to its product line to include rebuilt bottling and packaging equipment.  Initially, its customer base consisted of custom packagers and wineries in southern Ontario, and by 1980, the company supplied change parts to wineries, distillers, manufacturers and custom packagers all over North America.

In 1996, Zepf Technologies was acquired by Barry-Wehmiller and relocated to Clearwater, Florida, where it was integrated with Pneumatic Scale Angelus.

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